With the rising scope of artificial intelligence, virtual existence, voice key, and mobile dependency, 2019 is progressing to be a great year by the evolution of SEO optimization.
SEO is invariably changing and it essentially affects two things – ranking and visibility. This is the process of improving the volumes and quality associated with traffic on a website. Through search engines or even through search engine results.

Having a strong SEO means that your website ranks well and boosts traffic. To be relevant in this fast-paced game, SEO experts should not only be sharp-eyed but also be capable of being a visionary.
If you are the owner of a marketer, webmaster or business, investing and investing in SEO. It is important to regain the benefits of online exposure in 2019. This can be an advanced year for SEO.

Let’s unfold the trends and ways to adopt them.

Voice Based Search

A voice identification software is an exceptional flow for the advancement of user-friendly technology.  Which intends to provide useful and hassle-free access to users. The Voice Assistant such as Siri and Alex directed to increase our strength to get information.

Typing online queries is no longer the only option for quick answers, voice assistants become the newly adopted choice for many online users. In fact, it is predicted that by the year 2020, voice search will be almost 50% of total researches.

With the growth of voice assistant, there will be notable diversity in SEO optimization in 2019.
This is because Voice search changes dramatically in ways that consumers search the web. Content and keywords will now need to be defined for people using voice search. Which, consequently, will be much more interactive in nature than conventional search trends.

Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now had a significant effect on how search engines rank the major websites. The matter of fact is, Google now practice AI to copy human behavior on websites. By utilizing artificial intelligence to replicate human engagement on distinctive pages, Google receives relevant data about each user-friendly user.

Google and other major search engines who use AI for the similar function, then reward sites that display a high level of usability while offering search engine rankings. Hence, Artificial Intelligence is ready to change SEO in 2019 while focusing on user behavior.

The Rise of Mobile – First Index 

Mobile is almighty. Moreover,  about 60% of Google searches conducted from mobile devices, the portion of local searches is around 95%. People exploring for all types of details on their mobile devices and local search is increasing.
Hence, Google is operating as optimizing the results and has turned out the mobile-first index and is ready to make the web more mobile-friendly in the future. Businesses need to ensure that their website has a responsive design or alternatively see that both mobile and desktop versions have the same content.

According to the researches, 48% of consumers start mobile research with search engines-but 33% go directly to the site they want. This trend will continue till 2019 and focus on making your website mobile-friendly as well as optimizing your content for voice search will give you an edge over competitors.

Content Richness

In the meantime, search engine algorithms will continue to be more sophisticated. In 2019, providing quality content for businesses with a ranking in search would be the most important factor. According to experts, by 2019, content marketing is set to become an industry of $ 300 billion.

This will have a big impact on search engine optimization across the board because content and SEO go hand in hand. High-quality content equipped with proper keyword usage in the website helps attract viewers and enables the website to easily get traffic. The factors that affect the content length, quality, word frequency, and its structure. For better user experience, a website requires content that engages them and a site that loads lightning to hit visitors with a back button.

The future SEO

It will be more content and consumer-focused, with the aim of being as much as on humans as search engines. In addition to being viable, the brands will be more experimental with the content they share and partners with the experimental influencing partners.

Social Media

It doubles as a future SEO because users use these platforms as self-search engines. Remember, YouTube is already the second largest search engine and other social channels. That will continue to integrate with search entirely, both in terms of indexing more content and ranking by that search engine. In order to achieve top lookup engine rankings as SEO, you need to increase the quality of the content and the times of the link.

Amazon search

Amazon, not a universal search engine. It’s similar to Google, but Amazon used for internal search within pages. What is the fuss about then? Well, more and more people go directly to Amazon to shop. According to a study, 56% of consumers travel to Amazon first if they keep purchasing in mind. After discovering something else, check out 51% with Amazon.
These figures show that Amazon became Google’s e-commerce. This means that if you sell something and not on Amazon, then you missing 56% of those potential customers. Thus, if you are a seller of books, music, electronics etc., then include optimization for Amazon in your SEO strategy.
work plan:

1. Run keyword research. To be more industry-driven, use Amazon. For example, Amazon is an autocomplete keyword research tool in Rank Tracker:
2. Title of the item efficient and user-friendly (use + smart usage of keywords);
3. Provide high-quality images;
4. “In Google’s words” (if meta tags, backend keywords). They tell Amazon Elgo that a specific item targets a specific keyword on the site;
5. Track customer reviews and complaints.


As an online marketer, One should know and adapt to the latest trends. The Internet has become the prime place in search of goods and services. With a lot of people online today, businesses are finding that to persist, they have to build an online presence for themselves. However, starting a website or blog is not enough just for business. To keep the relevancy of search, one must always be versatile to the growing context of SEO.

However, search engine optimization is a marketing approach that has become obligatory in the past decade. When placing an authorization with Google, one is needed to implement the advanced best practices on a website which leads to assured success.

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