Content is the king of all marketing fundamentals that helps your engage huge traffic on your website and get in the good books of Google. Content Marketing is the need of the hour, as relevant content is the vital source of getting business. Reliable content is the great medium to win the trust of your visitors and prospective customers. Create brand awareness by building strong visibility of your brand through highly engaging Content.

In this age, Content is the most relevant marketing tactic that is best for creating brand recognition and for driving inbound leads of business. Investment should bring returns as time and money invested in reliable content marketing will bring success to your business.

Types of Content

Content is diversified in a spectrum that ranges from aggregate content that says about the reuse of content from different online sources involving related keywords; to the curated content that says about the assembling and presenting as the relevant content that meets the needs of your customers. The most preferred type of content is the original content that attracts search engine results.

  • Content Creation

The most relevant spectrum range termed as the uniquely created content. A content that is of high informational value to the readers and is an effective bait for inbound links. It is a time and resource consuming task that requires a lot of efforts in creating content. The high-quality content is made by resource-inhibited marketers.

  • Content Aggregation

The pool of information based on a certain topic involves related keywords. Gathering information from online sources that provide informational value. Google News Search Results are the example of aggregated content. The content aggregators are of two types- 1 one who gathers and distribute the web content that suits the needs of their customers, and 2 one who simply gather the information from varied sources of the website. Varied XML or extensive markup language makes content easy to redistribute and aggregate. Matt Cutts says that aggregated content like this can even hurt your site’s search engine marketing.

  • Content Curation

The content published lies in the center of the spectrum as it is a bit like aggregated content and a bit like created content. One can publish content regularly without much efforts just like aggregate content. Curated content is informative and significant, just as the Created content when done proficiently. All the tidbits of the curated content serve as link-bait that boost up search engine rankings. Curated Content may not attract many of inbound links but is an effective resource to attract links.

Key Facts about Published Content-

  • Focus on Content Creation

It is similar to the original content as it is attractive and lucrative from the business perspective and attracts search results of your business. It is time and resource intensive aspect of attracting traffic to your website.

  • Use Aggregate Content with Wariness

As Matt Cutt says, aggregate content affect search engine ranking badly. The content that is duplicated and plagiarized in the absence of any original value about a writer is highly irrelevant in the eyes of a search engine. Use a No-follow link, if you want to publish aggregated content on your website so that Google doesn’t consider it as an “actual” link.

  • Augment significance to Curate Content

Finding a relevant content is not enough you have to select content wisely i.e. to be shared and add commentary as well. The great idea is to pick a little amount of content from original published content on Google. Further, you can mold and retitle content by providing original value and commentary so that your content is not labeled as a duplicate.

  • Add your ideas to a content

If you are willing to go for aggregated content it is advised not to copy the complete article from the original source. For a fair deliberation, use a small portion of original content and that will not label your content as duplicate or plagiarized.


To be honest and practical, Content Creation and Content Curation is a bit challenging and require time to master. The biggest challenge for anyone lies in finding content relevant to your requirement, then adding a value so that it is presented as original.

On the other hand, one can boost ROI by going with Content Curation in your marketing strategies. Share and report updated news and newsletters, repost attractive photos with “nofollow”, in order to become a proficient content curator.

As a content marketer, one must rely on content curation instead of content aggregation as it lacks the originality of content and commentary that hurts search engine ranking. Go with Curation, because it is as easy as Aggregation and as reliable as Creation!!!

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