Let’s get started with knowing what actually Digital Marketing is.  “If your business is not on the internet, then your business is out of the business,” said by Bill Gates.

Use of digital technology, mobile phones, display advertising or any other digital medium to promote a business or a product. Basically, Digital Marketing is advertising delivered through a diverse digital channel, social media platforms, websites, mobile apps, and emails. It includes a diverse range of different marketing activities.

Digital Marketing methods such as Search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and many more are the most prevalent in advance technology.

Digital Marketing aimed at customer’s engagement and interaction with the brand through services. By increasing use of digital communication, the access to the information has become easier these days.  Consumers access the Internet and can use many digital channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and Email etc. It creates a diverse-communication channel where one can exchange information and it will create a brand awareness quickly all over the world with anyone.

Digital marketing can be done through online and offline and both worked with a well-planned digital marketing strategy. The major classifications of online marketing are below.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Content marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing

Offline marketing includes radio marketing, enhanced offline marketing, phone marketing, and television marketing.

Now talking about some digital marketing trends that can’t be ignored.

Enhancement in digital marketing since the ’90s has increased the use of technology for marketing till now. People have started using diverse digital platforms with integrated marketing plans to uplift business. Moreover, the use of technology in everyday life is catching a boost. Campaigns are getting a pace increasingly as people use digital techniques more instead of visiting shops.  It is the most prevalent basis of social interaction with consumers, shopping, news and entertainment which has created an awareness about your brand amongst peers, media, relatives and many more. People generally believe the brands and companies they know and tend to make communications according to the preferences and needs.

Over the past year, many brands started using digital marketing platforms and it has increased by now.  Some of the chief digital marketing trends that can’t be ignored are described below.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is more than the Actors or famous persons posting selfies with the latest products. Those influencers can be from any industry and can have a huge amount of followers. The common thing amongst them is that they are vastly famous on social media platforms have different communities around them who are eager to follow them.

After promoting various brands by the influencer it results in engaging a reliable relationship between the influencer and diverse audience. As the matter of fact, the influencer gives a human voice to brands that profit the companies.

Hence one of the profitable and effective methods of promotion. Various business strategies were planned to advance and adapt according to the market demands to experiment with influencer marketing.

Social Messaging Apps

Nowadays people prefer spending a lot of time in messaging each other on through social apps, Hence statistics explain the rising popularity of social messaging apps for business purposes. It has become a vital place where one can find its potential customers.

The social messaging apps are much useful in communicating with the customers directly with personalization as it adds an additional value to the user experience. The social messaging app is quite different from messenger Chabot’s. One can promote and can make good profits with the utilization of the social messaging app.

Although, these messaging apps are not just for sending forward messages or emoji are among the peer groups but a whole lot of things you can do with these social messaging apps. Some are, About 2 billion messages are exchanged between people and Businesses on FB Messenger App each month. Moreover, WhatsApp has at least 1.2 billion active users every month.

Hence, with the endless presence of people on social media, companies use these channels to create positive opinions, interaction and generate profits. This is the reason for being social networks for apps is so essential.

Voice Search

Ever talked to a machine?

Yes, we can.

Voice search is a voice recognition technology that let people carry out searches by voice command. These devices can be smartphones or computers and other devices.

Basically, with the rise of voice search, it has become a need of business to adapt according to today’s digital world. Voice search is the most convenient and faster method which provides accurate results and improves the results search engines. Moreover, it searches according to your content optimization.

One can easily find answers through search engines in today’s digital world. Nowadays people being impatient mostly don’t have time to read an entire content, rather search through voice command and gets output through the audio.  Hence, it saves a lot of time. Some of the voice assistants are:

  • Siri (Apple)
  • Alexa (Amazon)
  • Google now (Google)
  • Cortana (Microsoft)

With a lot of scopes and there is a lot more one can do with digital marketing. Hence voice search plays a major role in the advancement, growth and enticing more clients to your business online.

A bigger focus on personalization

Most of the marketers believe that personalization enhances customer relationships.

Sending Emails of professional offers to customers built on their preferences delivers them an exceptional and personalized experience. One can utilize the purchase history available or the data available from previously visited pages helps to customize accordingly.

A bigger focus on personalization has made it more significant year by year as most of the consumers expect a personalized online experience. The main focus is on creating rich content with dynamism to provide exclusive, personalized experiences for every customer.

The right amount of information available to marketers can be arranged from mobile apps, social networks, online purchases, and CMS.

Hence, Personalization reduces the search time and maximize customer relationships.

Video Marketing

Every brand’s necessity is a video marketing strategy – the idea isn’t new, the difference is how significant video marketing has become on every platform.

Just one video on a website will increase the probability by 50% to be found on the first page of a Google search!

If one image is Worth 1,000 words, imagine the significance of a moving image!

Nowadays everyone is using video marketing to promote their business to make valuable customers and enhance business grown. Training videos, corporate videos, webinars, product launch videos, testimonials and much more content being shared online to reach potential customers.

Video marketing permits you to share important information about your business in a more engaging and dynamic way Marketing studies have shown that: If your website doesn’t contain any video content viewers will leave. Most of the customers make purchases after watching a video. Most of the of viewers share videos seen online with others.

As a matter of fact, a potential customer understands more about your business after watching a two-minute video rather than reading the written content on a website.  A video is purely a more effective way to connect with potential customers.


A new phase of social media marketing strategy has emerged and booming named “Digital Marketing” as it opens the doors to opportunities, promotion and to enhance brand engagement. Trends can be different but to create a creative engaging content that reaches the targeted audience in the given period of time. Hence, In today’s world customer is everything and the main aim of in the coming years is to enhance customer engagement.

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