Enhance Conversion Rate with Engaging Email-Marketing

In this era of digital marketing, Email marketing is prevailing for decades and is considered, the most effective aspect of digital marketing when done with proficiency. Emails seemed to be more interactive and interesting to the customer because it seems like a one-on-one interaction with every member, but at a certain scale. Strategize well and follow updated norms of email marketing to ensure that your emails are delivered without any disruptions.

Write a Convincing Welcome Email?

Start off your Email-Marketing with an effective and engaging welcome Email that is a great source of grabbing subscriber’s attention. Welcome emails are considered the most important for these reasons:

  • It has around a 60% open rate when compared to some other email for marketing.
  • Purchases take place within 24 hours of subscription.
  • On an average, welcome emails have 5x click-through rate (CTR) and 4x open rate compared to other marketing emails.

Importance of Welcome Email

  • Know your prospective audience

Target audience refers to a specific group of people that think are your prospective customers. Before targeting audience you must have detailed information about psychographics and demographics of the audience. In-depth understanding about your prospective customers and subscribers, those insights you need to show customers that will help you in gaining the trust of your customers.

  • Customer Demand

The goal of the Email Marketing is to convert subscribers into customers. The subscribers have been engaged must satisfy on two criteria; 1 they are willing to buy and 2 they are able to buy. You need to ensure that both criteria are met in order to convert subscribers into customers. A welcome email assures that your subscriber is willing to buy and able to buy.

  • Understand their problems

You can thoroughly go through the pain and problems of those who have subscribed to your email campaign. A good welcome email makes subscribe realize their problems and pain and offer them a solution to fix their problem.

Emailing subscribers and customers should be effective by reevaluating your email campaign. You must be assured that your subscribers are getting the correct email. As more than half of emails are checked on a mobile phone, so make sure your interactive emails are optimized as per mobile devices.

Increase interactivity with customers by effective email marketing principles in these ways:

  • Real-Time Marketing

This feature is exceptionally important but some have successfully translated real-time marketing into emails. Convert real-time marketing into emails to pursue advanced sales chance with the customer. It let your customer know about the real-time information and events. You can send them an email saying, to take them to your website where they have to log in and they have to go through some information before proceeding does fetch any information.

For instance, Bus operators can send an email to the passengers after booking, to let them know about the current status of the available seats on the bus.

There may be a possibility of an additional sale.

The passenger might be willing to change the seat on the same bus fare.

In order to change the seat with the preference of window or aisle, you can offer a button that will take them to the website to log in and verify certain information before they could actually change their seats.

  • Use Videos

Grab the attention of your customers and subscribers through videos.

Video is a great source of offering diverse content, try an interactive video for enhancing the knowledge of your customers regarding your industry.

Try out how-to message videos to boost the curiosity of your customers and engage videos you’re your product promotion.

You must include video instead of a link to redirect to YouTube to make it convenient for your customers.

Your email should be straightforward and to the point to induce readers to read the message and watch the video as people prefer videos from content marketers.

Email Marketing is most effective in offering returns and are highly inexpensive.

Increase engagement with the customer by getting essential information out from your customers.

Embed videos to make your email marketing campaign a great success by enhancing interactivity with your subscribers.

  • Embed polls, surveys, and reviews

Sharing experience is an interesting aspect to engage your customer through surveys and polls that will boost the click-through of your emails.

Involve the survey within your email instead of a link redirecting to the survey to create an interactive survey through email.

Optimize your message for the mobile device so that every subscriber should be a part of your survey.

The survey is way effective than any other medium of interaction with your customers because of the following aspects:

  1.  It is useful in getting feedback about your products and services.
  2. It is a medium of getting valuable information about customers.
  3. Boost the CTR of your emails.
  • Encourage Forum Discussions

Forums are a great source of interacting with the members of a community to know their viewpoints.

They are undoubted the best spot to understand your subscribers and interact with them.

Do not just offer the link to the main forum page, rather enhance the curiosity of your subscriber with some catchy questions.

Send an interactive email that engages traffic on your website.

As traffic increases, it will ultimately increase the conversion rate.

Enhance Personalization

Interact one-on-one with your subscriber to win their confidence, interact on a personal aspect with your customers.

Things to be Considered for Personalization:

  1. Send emails through your personal email address.
  2. Address subscriber by their name.
  3. Conclude email with your personal details in signature.

Drive sales by suggesting them something specific that they are looking for with your business by determining their browsing history.

Personalization built a connection with your subscribers.

This step by you will encourage them for interaction and entice them to be your customer.


Emails are the effective and interactive medium of knowing your customers and subscribers while promoting your product and services through the survey, video, forum, and so on.

Drive interest of your customers through interaction and personalization. It is an effective idea to start off with your email marketing campaign by indulging the factors you have missed on. Let the best digital marketing agency be your email marketing partners to engage more subscribers and enhance leads of your business.


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