Content marketing

When talking about “content marketing,” the first thing that comes in mind is blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and blogging. Content marketing is trending much before then the Internet. Humans are telling stories when they started to speak and content marketing is about narrating a story. People are more likely to take interest in stories rather than simple paragraphs.

A practice of creating, publishing and distributing content for a target potential audience is known as Content marketing. Content Marketing includes generating online sales, increase brand awareness, expand the customer base and credibility among customers.

By creating and sharing a valuable and effective content marketing aims at attracting an audience and convert them into potential prospects. It also creates viable brand loyalty by providing the right information to the right audience. An effective content creates an effectual impact on the audience which helps to boost sales. Valuable content builds trust and empathy with the customers.

James O’Brien a British journalist and a TV presenter wrote on a digital media website “the major focus of content marketing is that a brand must give something valuable to get something valuable in return”. Content Marketing is all about providing the correct information according to the need of the customer hence, resulting in creating new demands.

After identifying the customer’s need, information can be obtained in diverse formats, comprising email newsletters, news, video, question and answer articles, e-books, podcasts, infographics, case studies, how-to guides, blogs, photos and many more. Continuous delivery of a large amount of authentic and effective content is a must.

The digital content marketing is a practice that involves the use of electronic media to categorize, predict and fulfill the content requirements of the audience. The content must be updated and added regularly to influence customer behavior.

Comparing with other trends, content marketing implies that you actually care about your customers


The emergence of Content marketing started in 1732 when Benjamin Franklin published “the poor Richard’s Almanack” to promote his printing business. After that Johnson & opened a publication named “Modern Methods of Antiseptic Wound Treatment” whose target audience was doctors. They also publish tips that are useful for the medical community.

The secret to a great compelling content

Ever wondered how a powerful content created?

Exciting, helpful, noticeable content always entices the audience.  A prolific content with magical wordsmithing powers is the secret. The secret to creatively developing outstanding content comprises of structure, planning, and research. Using strategy to maximize the traffic to your post is one way of boosting visitors. But, writing catchy titles is not going to help if your inside content is not strong enough grow the approachable audience you need. Though arousing curiosity through an eye-catchy title can be effective but only with noticeable content. One cannot rely your entire content on the basis of the curiosity factor.  Hence an ability to create a strong content to dance in the hearts of the readers is a must.

Hence, the question arises that what to present to the readers? How to create powerful content? There are diverse ways to make exciting content. It all begins by understanding the people you’re writing for.

  • Focus on your goal and target prospect.

The idea of the content and the target audience should be clear. Know your audience well. Understand the need for content and the marketed area.

  • Organize

Make a posting schedule. One should start the research for each post and understand how to work on content to make it more effective. Regular and daily posting can make readers aware that you are active. It creates credibility.

  • Post different content

Posting the same content from a long time, yes that’s the reason for low performance. Include some artistic and imaginary ideas on what to write about in content. Research is the key. Looking through other content brings you new ideas and helps to form an array of relevant topics. Also, you can analyze matter on these content and see what types of posts have more likes and shares.

One should identify what content interests more visitors. The content should be concise, humorous yet entertaining, helpful, and must be worth at storytelling to create engagement. One should write something exceptional and distinct, let your readers live in the stories. It should be varied, likable, and innovative. Visualization is significant too. Developing more graphic content is always eye-catchy.

  • Interact with the readers

Interaction creates a bond. If your content is directed in an appropriate way and subjects you’ve preferred are exciting for your audience, they’ll surely comment. Interact with the audience build trust

  • Make it emotional.

Content should be logical but expressive. It is always the features of the product or service gets the attraction. Because features entice to customers logical brain. Purchases do not rely only on logic, but emotional touch is a significant factor which explains why good commercials smile or cry.

Here are some promotional Tactics to Get Your Content Noticed

Send an email broadcast

An email list is your target audience who receive the latest updates from you. That is a great audience to promote because they are already connected with us and more engaging. According to the research, an email campaign is more effective than a tweet.

Engage with your community

There are platforms that will allow promoting your brand on a large scale like Facebook and LinkedIn groups.  This platform gives your content a more reach. Join subjective groups and involve in the conversations. Pinterest is also a good platform to promote. Facebook and LinkedIn groups are opportunities to target your niche audience.

Pay to promote

Pay per click helps your content get more reach on different platforms. Some examples are:

Facebook Ads

Facebook allows you to develop targeted ads includes all kinds of criteria, like specific interest categories, demographics, and location. One can take advantage of these categories for promotion if you understand your target audience.


It is a tool to search for social media users who share content. In this, you have to take a keyword from the content you want to promote and type it in the search bar. A popular content associated with that keyword shows by most general shares.

Online communities

There are other platforms where one can talk over on the topics related to your content.  Join Q&A sites like Quora or Yahoo Answers, and you can submit your content as a source to reply to people’s queries.


“The king of all trends is Content Marketing” Nowadays content marketing is the heart of all successful digital marketing campaigns. Behind the success of each great brand, there is a powerful content that connects with the audience’s heart. Great content creates trust and credibility. Quality content leads to improve the website traffic and conversion. No doubt content marketing is an affordable tool that provides assured success. Content marketing is a glue that holds all other marketing trends together. Without good content, all you have is an idea. No matter how best is the idea, lack of quality content decreases the value. Hence, Content Marketing not only helps you in boost your visibility but also build strong trust relationships with the customers.









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