User signals are the essential aspect that must not be overlooked and is not optimized by SEO. Google looks for the website that is loved by people instead of a website with proper on-page SEO or website with the most backlinks.

Asking users to click on your website over your competitors’ website is not possible instead you can make your website that seeks users attention and let your website rank higher on search pages. Some important metrics such as average time on site, bounce rate, mobile friendliness and other such metrics that show your website credibility.

Signals that determine website ranking:

  • Mobile Friendliness

With high usage of mobile devices, searches are mostly done through mobile devices. Due to this fact, the website should be mobile friendly and it must be considered that websites that are in good books of Google are mobile-friendly websites.

There are hardly any mobile-friendly website that have been penalized by Google. Be it Entertainment, E-commerce, Blog, Non-Profit, etc. A website has to be responsive in order to run on the mobile as well as the website.

  • Traffic through brand queries

With the growth in brand queries the search traffic grows high. The website not only engage people to search for the brand but also land them back to the website. The brand queries offer a high click-through rate and bigger brand are found to be more trustworthy. If you want to be dominated by Google, you must build a brand

  • Page views Per Visitor

Numerous visit and browses to a website shows the credibility which depicts that either content or product is engaging and loved by visitors. Do not trick on users it leads to terrible user experience and he might never visit your website again. Users must naturally visit your website for good experience and an average rate of page views on a website hasn’t been penalized by Google.

  • Click-Through Rate

Click-through rate is an essential factor to analyze the website credibility and search console of Google. Using appealing title and meta descriptions might enhance the click-through rate of your website as it attracts visitors to click on your website over competitors’ website in the search results of Google.

  • Bounce Rate

This term depicts the percentage of visitors to a website those who traverse out from the website just after viewing a single webpage. The bounce rate must be as low as possible, it should be aimed at how low could be the bounce rate in comparison to a blog website, educational or media website.

Factors that determine the website to be penalized

A penalty could be automatic or manual, you might not know that your website has been targeted it’s algorithmic. There are certain algorithmic penalties that affect the ranking of a website. The reasons that are responsible for penalizing a website are as follows:

  • Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is less useful in the eyes of Google so it is considered as one of the Google penalties. One must ensure that the content is unique, properly written and is SEO-friendly. To assure that your content is fresh, without any duplicity, use the tools like Copyscape.

  • Keyword Stuffing

There are many rules regarding keyword density and high keyword density is considered as poor content. If Google views the high usage of keywords on a webpage, it will penalize your website.

  • Slow Speed

A delayed loading time will frustrate the visitor on a website and he might leave your website enhancing the bounce rate. There are certain factors that affect hosting speeds, tricky problems such as troubleshooting. One must use CDN or caching plugin to speed up your website. Move your data center closer to visitors so that the time involved is minimal.

  • Poor Mobile Website

Google detects the linkage between your website and mobile site, but it might not show any link if it is poorly designed.  A mobile website is sent to the device where the user can access it through mobile.

  • Internal 404s

Google likely to know about your content and skip off all the errors. If you are offering 404s within your website, it is a major factor that your website might be penalized. This signifies that user is not getting any information that he is searching for on your website.



Think as Google in order, to get in good books of Google. The major objective of any website must be to put the user on priority. If you prioritize user, in the long run, your website rankings will gradually touch the success.

A website must be built up using ethical approaches and hard work, keeping in mind the factors determining that your website is prone or free from being penalized by Google.

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